LR 4 - Folder Question

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Re: LR 4 - Folder Question

LJohnK2 wrote:

I'm not keen on the date thing simply because i have about 30k photos set up in a way that works for me. this possible or must i be assimilated ?

Adding your 30k photos is easy. Use Import with the Add option, as richardplondon said. However you have been assimilated in that you cannot rearrange your photos afterwards, except through Lightroom. If you move them outside Lightroom you will lose any edits you made.

It is easier to copy new photos direct from the camera using Lightroom. You can specify a folder by name instead of automatic date-based folders. Or you can copy them yourself and then use Import/Add but then it's a two step process.

Finally note that if you do change a folder outside Lightroom, you can right click on the folder and Synchronize to pick up the changes.

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