Anyone used the Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V under water?

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A brief review

ASR45 wrote:

I might try buying >

I have the camera.

It takes great pictures and video ... but:

In addition (as noted by the person that dropped the camera from knee height and broke it) to not being shockproof, the front screen is easily scratched. That combined with wanting to use it near sand (i.e. in the ocean) is unfortunate. I've got several scratches on the front of the camera, fortunately none across the lense area itself.

The battery life is rather short, the battery is listed as having only 630mAh (a typical AA battery has about 2000mAh).

I bought it with 2 batteries, but not the charger - you really need the external charger if you have two batteries - otherwise you must charge the batteries using the camera.

The controls are non-intuitive.

The sensor is too dense given the optical quality (the megapixel count is too high), you can shoot at about 50% size with no visible reduction in image quality.

The microSDHC is difficult to handle, and like the battery, can be inserted upside down.

There are some unfortunate quirks too - AFAICT, you cannot disable the touchscreen "start recording a video" icon, you will take videos of your pocket, and someday you'll have an unfortunate waiter record video of you rather than take a picture

It does appear to allow continuous recording of a GPS track, but you have to disable the power save (leave the monitor on). I'm about to try this out, given the short battery life ... well I'll just have to see.

The "expanded features of Playmemories" software has recently become available, but I still can't use it to import GPS tracks, nor to upload GPS assist data.

You can copy all files (images, GPS tracks, and movies) from the camera using a card reader. Movies are in the PRIVATE/AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM folder, with a suffix of "MTS". GPS track logs are under PRIVATE/SONY/GPS, with a suffix of "LOG".

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