Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: Is it safe to by an S100?

mcshan wrote:

With the recent announcement by Canon we know more about the lens issue even narrowing down batch numbers. It you get one from the safe group you will get a fine camera.

Personally I am VERY interested in the Sony RX 100 but it is too new to know much about it. On paper it looks great.

I would wait for the next model in the series instead of taking a chance on the S100.

I am also personally interested in the RX 100 since a new pocket camera would come in handy in August. If the RX 100 does not materialize before August then I will hold off on the RX 100 and see what the next Canon S* is like. I bet it won't have the lens error after all this.. I prefer Canon but know way will I chance getting a S100. I recall posts saying it was only the early production run or something like that yet people have been reporting the issue continually. Since I use this class of camera for travel there is no way I will take the chance. It was not a few lemons, lot of reports of failure. Read the Amazon reviews. The S100 was a poorly built camera.

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