OMD EVF broken already ?

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Re: Sigh.....

tedolf wrote:

reflected_light wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Even with a lot of imagination it is hard to see what is the interest of these self serving, off-topic assertions

Actually, my self serving off topic assertions are enormously popular, but back to the topic at hand.


Sorry, bud...but you're wrong on that one. They are not popular at all...just another attempt to stoke yourself.

I have enough other people stroking me that I don't need any self stimulation.

You should see the PM's I receive!

I'm sure you've read my "I would bet..." thread. At least with those that have so far responded, you and your off topic comments are not popular at all.

You are rather unsophisticated aren't you?

Well, here is how it works.

The great majority of people that read these threads do not post at all-maybe as much as 90%.

So, what you read in any particular thread is really only the tip of the iceberg and is not a representative sample of public oppinion.

Furthermore, your thread didn't go the way you thought it would did you?

You didn't expect to see any support for Tedolph at all did you?

Just wait till we hit 150, then do the numbers.

We are only in the third inning right now.

How do I know?

The five previous threads over the past two years that were like yours.

They all came out the same way.

You really should have done a search first.

Your lack of due diligence is shocking.

That thread is all about you...why have you not participated? You obviously crave attention...


I did participate!

Too bad your method of attaining such is so abhorred by others.

What other people abhorr is of little concern to me.

Should it be?

Your move.

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Oh, it's going exactly how I thought it would. Couldn't be happier with the direction it's gone. I knew you would have supporters.

There's never just one @$$h0|e in a forum...

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