SSD in 1992

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Applied Engineering RamKeeper circa 1987

Way back in the late 80's I had an Apple IIGS computer which was amazingly expandable and a hackers dream. One of my favorite add-ons was the RamKeeper which was a battery backed expansion memory card which would be configured as the OS boot volume. If you could afford it, you could pack it with an astounding 4 MB of ram storage. This was effectively the first SSD device for personal computers to the best of my knowledge.

Price: $189 - 256kb ram chips not included

Check out this site for brochures, catalogs, photos.

dmartin92 wrote:

One funny thing about SSDs is that lots of people think that they are something new.

But the first time I ever heard the name "SSD" was in 1992.

At work, in 1992, one day the chief technical IT guy was showing us a new utility program they had just installed on the mainframe. He mentioned that day that they were installing "a SSD" on the system. I asked him what a SSD was, and he told me then. "Kind of like memory, but also like disk storage", is what he said.

Of course, then, 1992, it was probably a $100,000 expense for the company. Maybe more, maybe less, but that sort of number.

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