A "virtual rangefinder" as focus confirmation.

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A "virtual rangefinder" as focus confirmation.

The rangefinder patch is a means of focus confirmation. You point it at something, focus the lens to align the patch, recompose and shoot.

You don't even have to open up the lens, because the rangefinder is mechanical and does not rely on the incoming image to confirm focus. The GXR-M does rely on the incoming image and reads the focus directly from the sensor; therefore no rangefinder coupling is needed.

My biggest pet peeve with the GXR-M is that I need to switch MODE2 and magnification on and off for things such as exposure compensation, and I don't want to keep pressing the shutter button half the time all the time to see the entire image.

So I've had a brainwave.... I've been thinking about this quite some time.

Would it be possible to create a small "patch" in the middle of the frame, and then read the sharpness from the sensor, for the corresponding area? The lines of the patch could be white, and turn yellow or red and the camera could sound a beep as soon as the part of the image inside the patch is in focus.

It would not quite recreate the rangefinder experience as you can't see out of the frame and don't have any frame lines, but you gain the use of a 100% pixel-perfect viewfinder, and never having to use any external viewfinders or magnifiers.

It would also mean that you don't have to zoom in and out for different focal lengths and wouldn't need to enable/disable the focus assist anymore. You could just always see the entire frame, using the "virtual rangefinder patch" to focus.

Do you think this would be feasible and if not, why not? If it's feasible and Ricoh would create something like this in a new firmware (Focus Assist MODE3) would you use it, assuming it's accurate?

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