650d vs 600d in the Studio Scene comparison

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Re: 650d vs 600d in the Studio Scene comparison

Hard to say, I pulled both RAW files in lightroom and found that the 650D is shot with a faster shutter speed but was also more exposed (histogram more to the right). I think by default it seems a tad noisier with qualities more like my GF3 in terms of noise performance (bigger splotchy magenta noise, etc..) On the otherhand the real-world shot shows that they pulled shadows significantly on the coastline picture and it didn't band. Not all of my pictures will significantly band on my 600D but I definitely can get it to do so. Also wonder if more noise will come in when you use the new onboard PDAF with live view vs a traditional mirror slap shot! It could be the 'use' of the new technology can introduce some noise when reading from the sensor too.

Remember traditional Canon noise qualities was finer pitch noise that exhibits cross-hatch type patterns. This noise is definitely not fine pitch anymore and seems larger and splotchy...its very Panasonic MFT in character to be honest.

Finally there can easily be some sample variation on sensors just like there is sample variation on processing CPU's (as to which hold up better at certain clock speeds, etc).

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