Tripods-Joby gorilla for travel?

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Re: Tripods-Joby gorilla for travel?

It looks like you are referring to the model Joby now calls the "GorillaPod SLR-Zoom". I haven't tried that one, but I did try the model below it ("Hybrid") and currently own the one above it ("Focus + Ballhead X") as well as Gorillapod Torch.

Hybrid, simply stated, is too small for a NEX camera despite depiction of same on the package. By themselves, the legs would have been fine, but in this model, the ballhead can't be removed. Tried positioning NEX-5 + kit lens at an angle and found the ballhead could not resist the pull of gravity, and was afraid I'd break it if I tightened it down any further.

Focus + Ballhead X are more than strong enough, though also harder to wrap around objects (and you have to take care not to crush the thing you are wrapping it around!) Of the two, I find Ballhead X more genuinely useful. Perhaps I'd find Focus more useful if I needed to shoot really close to the ground.

I like Torch.

On my last out of state trip, I ended up taking a small carbon fiber tripod. No problems packing it in my carry-on bag.

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