Upgrading D200 to D300? Or better glass?

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Re: Upgrading D200 to D300? Or better glass?

I've just read the thread and I don't think you really say why the D200 is inadequate for you.

I have both a D200 and a D300. I got the D300 because I do a lot of photography in low light situations and also wanted the better AF of the D300 vs the D200. The D200 is now mainly my backup. But in bright light and not shooting action they give essentially similar results.

Sunday I was shooting a jazz festival. I took both bodies with the 70-200 on the D300 and the 18-200 on the D200. I mainly used the D200 for wider shots, the D300 for closeups. I also set the D300 on aperture priority to force almost wide open shots for nice subject isolation and backgrounds ("bokeh").

The photos from both cameras are quite usable and I'd challenge most people who didn't know which lens was on which camera to tell which camera was used for a particular shot.

So: for most people and most uses I think the D200 is perfectly adequate. As has been said, good glass is always a good investment. I love that 70-200 (first version)!

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