LA-EA2 adapter or E Mount

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Re: LA-EA2 adapter or E Mount

I'm prepping mine for ebay as we speak As others have said and from what I've read if you have Alpha G lenses or Zeiss to play with the adapter would be a sound investment but those are well out of my playing field price-wise, and the E-mounts really are great bang for your buck and native to the system.

penndragonn2001 wrote:
Thanks pixxelpusher,

I'm fairly certain I am going to ditch the adapter and associated A Mount lenses and stick with native E Mount ones.

pixxelpusher wrote:

Hi, I seem to have a similar setup to you but with a 5N and have to agree with you on the 18-200 OSS, I love it and my version seems to be extremely sharp. I've posed a similar question:

And there are some great reviews of the E-mount lenses here:

I'm thinking of ditching the LA-EA2 as well and just buying the E-mount 50mm 1.8 to round out my collection (or maybe wait and see if Sony brings out any new lenses in the next few months like the rumours have it). Then I think i'll have a simple 3 lens setup, 18-200 OSS as general purpose, 50mm 1.8 OSS as fancy arty / portrait lens, and the 16mm+UWA for wide landscapes. I'm thinking this will be an extremely effective yet powerful setup for me.

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