2.6GHz vs 2.3GHz Macbook Retina

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Re: 2.6GHz vs 2.3GHz Macbook Retina

Wojtek Bialy wrote:

Will 2.3GHz easily handle library of 10 000 36MP photos in LR6 while using PS CS8 running Mac OS XI ?

As others have said. In four years if you're finding things 'too slow' will an additional 10% improvement make enough of a difference?

Test it out. Fire up lightroom and try and work. After every action, close your eyes for ten seconds, then do it again but this time close your eyes for 9 seconds?

Did you notice a difference?

Okay, extreme example but 10% is a tiny increase when you think about it... and now I think about it why did I get the 2.7 over the 2.6?


The last MBP I bought was a 2.26 dual core and my Xcode tasks (compiling apps) were getting too slow to fit in with my usual workflow. I was waiting for 20 seconds for each compile.

A month ago I switched to using my quad core hackintosh which 'in theory' benchmarks twice as fast as my old laptop. In reality my compile times dropped to sub four seconds. So that's 4x the performance from a 2x faster machine (In all other respects the machines are equally specced with RAM, SSD etc)

I didn't want to be forced into an early upgrade this time or curse the fact I bought I lower spec machine.

Get the 2.6 unless the extra expenditure is going to force your kids to loose a few pounds in weight through lack of food.

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