18-300mm VR got it !

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To qualify my statements above...

I'm comparing vr mechanisms based on my first impressions, not image quality. All the lens I mentioned are very capable pieces of equipment and I have enjoyed using them all.

Happy Fourth!


dw1 wrote:

TS wrote:

Wow, 1/20s at 300mm. You must have very steady hands. I cannot see your original in you gallery though.

BTW, nice shot.

Although my hands aren't as steady as they used to be, practice along with breath control techniques help. I'll make a little suggestion too. I bought a HoodEye eyecup which seems to help with camera shake too. It keeps the camera from directly touching your eye brow and thus reduces vibration from your head.

I have to give a lot of credit to Nikon though. The vibration reduction really is amazing. For instance on my 80-200 AF-D I really have to keep the shutter speed up around 1/250 for acceptable shots. On 300 f4's I've used I had to keep shutter speed at at least 1/300. So yep, NIkon's vr really does work.

Now comparing the 18-300 to other lens that I've used with vr. Worlds better than my 55-200, and I even had to send the 55-200 in for service and Nikon replaced the vr,. Compared to the 18-200 and 16-85 I used to own. I give the 18-300 the edge. I will say this, the 18-300 is very quiet with not as much jerk as I've noticed on the lens I've mentioned. Nikon obviously keeps improving!



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