AF540FGZ - floppy head syndrome and repair

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Re: AF540FGZ - floppy head syndrome and repair

I have no direct experience with recent Pentax products, but my loved lil K-m, but from what i read recently Pentax is no longer on par with her great tradition of quality products.

My M50 1.7 and M28 2.8 must be about 30 years old, whereas the K135 2.5 could even be a lil bit older, and (crossing fingers) they still work perfectly.

Now we read more and more often of decentered lenses, faulty body, flashes that cost a half of a month of work and get nuts for a plastic disc worth a few cents...
No good Pentax, NO GOOD!

I can understand we have less market than other brands and in consequence some parts of our kits must cost more than the counterparts from other brands, but i can no longer acccept to read about such low quality controls!
Should we rise our voices toward Pentax about this?

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