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Wojtek Bialy Junior Member • Posts: 45
LR - Managing cataloges


I'm probably going to buya 256GB SSD Macbook retina which will be my main machine. The problem is: my photo library already has about 130GB, so including other stuff on my actual computer - I'm already full. And I want to use no more than 200GB to keep the mac running smoothly (is it still needed in new SSD disks? Or maybe they run at 100% speed even when they're 100% full?).

So I need a solution - other catalog. Which makes a great sense, because I don't need 10 000 photos with me all the time. I need something like:

  • all of the photos I've done in last 2 months

  • and from older photos only the ones with let's say 2 stars or more

That's it. I won't need any other pictures on my main drive, others may rest on other drive. The problem is: how can I achieve it something like this? And "like this" is not a coincidene - I told you my newbie idea, but I'm totally open for your solutions since you're surely much more experienced ("2 months? no way, you need 4 months at least"). Do you have any good solutions on how to keep only the important pictures (the ones I might want to show to a client, the newest ones and the best shots from the session)? Is it possible to have full screen size previews of each photo as well (while the full dng/nef stays on external drive)?

Huge thanks in advance!

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