D800 vs 4x5?

Started Jul 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Leok Regular Member • Posts: 190
Re: D800 vs 4x5?

The D800 is generally considered to give medium format - say 4.5 x 6cm = 1.8 x 2.4" a run for its money.

4x5" is a different ball game again - resolution is amazing but shot to shot speed is appalling (maybe 20 seconds), there is no AF, AE, HSS, LCD etc etc. If you love shallow DOF 4x5 is amazing, you can get effects almost impossible to duplicate with a smaller camera. Perspective is also very different on LF.

They are different cameras for different jobs.

I've never been a fan of comparing scans of negatives with digital resolution. The best way of presenting a negative is to print it optically - this should then be compared with a high quality digital print from the D800. Hard to do on the web, but more meaningful in real life.

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