Sony sensor in E-M5?!

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Re: Where's the grain? 100% E-M5 Crop

texinwien wrote:

marike6 wrote:

The images I posted are all base ISO images, except the NEX-5 is ISO 200 (not a Sony shooter, so I don't know if the original NEX-5 had ISO 100). But you could examine hundreds of D7000, NEX-5N and E-M5 images at low or base ISO and the E-M5 has graininess that is not in the D7000/NEX-5 files. It's not a lighting lens thing it a low read noise sensor thing.

Can you find the grain in this 100% crop?

Absolutely. It's everywhere, but seem most clearly on the bottom and right sides of the frame. But it is one cleaner skies I've seen, but compare it to the above Sony/Nikon Exmor cameras. The differences are dramatic.

But grain seen at 100% is meaningless as it's not really detectable at normal viewing sizes, but it contrast to other Sony large sensor cameras and in trying to determine definitively what sensor the E-M5 uses an obvious place to start would be to compare read noise at low ISO.

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