7D firing twice when shutter pressed half way, anyone else?

Started Jul 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
ARShutterbug Veteran Member • Posts: 8,975
Some guesses

Your shutter button is worn out
There's something stuck in it
You're causing the problem by actually depressing the release mechanism
There's something wrong with your firmware

The factors you've mentioned (ISO Speed, exposure time, focusing mode) have nothing to do with the shutter release. Why you'd bother with ISO Speed 6400 for the Moon is weird, unless there was something special going on that you assumed no one else was looking at, and that that event was happening so fast that you needed a very fast exposure time. Unless the problem is reproducible, my guess is that you have a PEBKAC error, especially considering that you have very little experience with this camera after two years. I run tens of thousands of frames through my cameras each year, and yes, the shutter button on my oldest camera does get touchy sometimes. It's just something to adjust for, and if the extra frames become a problem, switch to the single-frame shutter release mode.

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