Up/downgrading from a D300, advice needed.

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Up/downgrading from a D300, advice needed.

I was told off for putting this in the 'Nikon Talk' forum, which seemed a logical place to put it given the generic name.... but none the less I'll post it here now.

My full time job is a professional videographer for an international charity. As part of that role I use a Canon 600d with a 30mm and 12mm lens for certain types of video footage. I also use none DLSR camcorders, e.g. Canon XF300

But this role aside I have my own a Nikon D300 + f2.8 70-200mm, f1.8 50mm and f3.5 18-70mm

Someone I work with has offered to buy my D300 body for around £500 (Sterling). I haven't checked yet if that's a reasonable price, but it sounds about right given the age.

However despite the fact I hardly ever use my D300 I don't want to be without a body. I also like my Nikon glass and don't want to jump camps.

So given that my private camera kit doesn't get a lot of use I'm thinking of buying a new Nikon consumer DSLR (opposed to the Prosumer camp which the D300 is in). Since I spend most of my time immersed in the video market I have really lost touch with what Nikon is producing these days.

So I have three questions:

1) What would be a good Nikon consumer DSLR right now around the £600 mark?

2) Apart from build quality, what am I likely to lose by downgrading from the D300?

3) Since I'm a videographer by trade it's always handy to have an extra DLSR with video capabilities. So how might this influence the body choice?


In my other post someone pointed me towards the new 3200, which looks like a viable option. But apart from build quality, smaller viewfinder, no bracketing, no histogram and no optical DOF preview (all of which I can live with) what else would I be giving up going this route?

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