An interesting thing has happened to my OM-D...twice

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Re: An interesting thing has happened to my OM-D...twice

Ivar Dahl Larsen wrote:

I merely pointed out that people easily accept faults and even defend the makers. Some have inclined here that if the makers did it right, it would take much longer time and they who do will be left behind. If all the manufacturers had the same philosophy, no one would be left behind and the cost of repair / returns of camera as well as building up a bad reputation would be extinct.

You mean if makers had the same a philosophy...
Oly has not a bad rep for their FW, that owns to Fuji.

Owners tend to defend their make: go to Fuji forum and you will see they are enthusiastic cause Fuji fixed the worst bugs (of the X100) relatively quickly.

Signs of the times: we are grateful for things that should be plain rights, in general.

And you live in a place that for us southern people is the paradise of rights!

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