CHDK: Scripting can be fun! - There are some great features available!

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CHDK: Scripting can be fun! - There are some great features available!

Playing around with CHDK in my Elph 300hs (had a month $129) and besides raw (built in amongst many other functions), which I have used lots, there are some great new features via Scripting:

1. raw (obvious capabilities)
2. adds 'superfine', where Canon only gave me 'fine' quality jpgs.
(jpgs go from 4-5mb, to 6-8mb, and a discernible diff at 100%)

3. adds 'intervalometer' (several to choose from, can delay the first shot-to let tripod jiggle subside, any amount of intervals to the 0.1 secs, can run endlessly, etc)
4. HDR bracketing (obvious)
5. ISO bracketing
6. Focal point bracketing

7. Motion detection (sets detection points across screen of LCD, obviously you have to have an actual focus point to detect), and when a focus pt is 'triggered', it fires a shot!! ) Great for those critter shots

8. Can combine HDR bracketing & intervalometer (not tested but script exists) & other bracketing types
9. DOF stacking
10. time-lapse video
11. ND filter enabling (my 300hs has one)

Have not tried them all out, obviously, but think I will try most of the above.

Why not try it for yourself!

Search 'CHDK' then look for scripts, enjoy!

You can write/improve your scripts as well!

PS: Several of these SHOULD be in all Canon cameras, P&S or DSLR's, IMO, shame on Canon !!

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