A900 vs A77 low & very high ISO

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Re: DPR Studio Shot Comparison

Robsphoto wrote:

I haven't seen any notes from DPR that suggest the photographs might not be totally comparable, so I guess for all practical comparative purposes, the results must be reasonably useful?

They're not advertising the uselessness of their hard work, but they allude to it in their reviews. The photographs are hardly comparable at all - just look at the wildly varying shutter speeds (at the same aperture) at high ISO. The cameras have received highly variable amounts of light, making any high ISO comparison using the DPR tool at best dubious.

Have any of you written to DPR about your reservations?

Many. It's in multiple threads in the forums as well.

Could these "problems" really make a HUGE difference to the quality of any of the individual cropped images?



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