An interesting thing has happened to my OM-D...twice

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Re: An interesting thing has happened to my OM-D...twice

Ah! ok.

Now, we have the Panny 20 giving lockups (I don't remember how, something to do with reviewing images and the going back to shooting), it happened to me too. And causing banding. In my wiew, banding is hardware stuff (some sort electromagnetic interference they could fix with a different electronic component/filter), while I think that these reviewing lockups are curable. In the OP case, if I got it right, it's been a fast sequence on commands. Of course one could say it's an hardware problem (don't know, perhaps the processor going nuts cause it can't cope with too many tasks...), but sure they can add a SW interrupt/ignore command.

Something like: ok, go on pressing that freakin' button, I will ignore it till I have completed the first task you asked for.

Seen the behaviour with the 20mm, I'd say they left a bug somewhere in the process of "display image - back to shooting mode".

As a conclusion to my thoughts: any problem caused by instructions given pressing buttons, unless they phisically stick, is likely to be a SW/FW problem.

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