OMD-E5 as an action camera, any experience?

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Lost my previous post ...

Damn - I lost all of my post - the one previous was a follow on to the earlier post.

I don't have time to repeat it.

Anyway, a couple of things I said:

  • A DSLR also does not see images continually either, because of its shutter and its mirror flipping.

  • The main issue with my OM-D has not been tracking after getting used to it, but rather, its focus issues. This relates to focus point, setups, and at least in theory, contrast.

  • Olympus's manual says that if there are no vertical lines, contrast focus will be difficult. Also it shows a tiger behind metal bars - in that case, the camera may focus on either the bars, or the tiger. So, it can get confused.

  • A DSLRs focus advantage lies IMO with a few DSLRs, equipped with particular lenses. Such a combination, along with a reasonable photographer, can provide predictive focusing, due to software, and the distance difference that phase focusing uses. Until mirrorless innovates (such as with sensor aided distance differentiators or some other idea - and CMos experts have said focusing aids in the sensor are coming) then mirrorless will not be able to achieve what a predictive focus can. But Olympus never achieved that, even with phase focus.

  • The upside of contrast focus is more reliable focus ... and not being lens dependent (lenses in phase often need adjustment individually). They are pretty big advantages in most situations, but not for a pro sports photographer. And anyway, mirrorless hasn't brought out the lenses for a pro sports photographer anyway IMO let alone a night time one.

Finally, I recall Leica ... who invented auto focus. And they sold or gave it away. Because they did not think auto focus aided their view of photography. The OM-D is a great tool, with a wealth of focus abilities, including auto, but also great manual capabilities, able to crop in when focusing, using the LCD easily, and having an extraordinary IBIS that works with any lens. While its fun to find a fault with its focus, doing so seems a bit silly to me.

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