Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: Is it safe to by an S100?

Hi - thanks for all of the responses. I should have added that the camera she currently has is a compact Panasonic....the camera she had prior to thAt was an Olympus C5060Z. Although she didn't use it for raw, she appreciated the high quality images it produced. Although the cameras that I am considering - S100, LX-5, Oly XZ-1 - are smaller than the c5060z, they look to be comparable vis a vis lens and sensor quality. So although she might not be the exact target user of the aforementioned models, she will be using them for more than quick Facebook snapshots. Hope this makes sense.

hahbumb wrote:

1. You do not need RAW capability unless you intend to use computer graphics programs to process the image. In the case of your mom (or maybe even yourself), do not pay more money to get RAW capability.

4. Your mom might prefer a camera with FEWER features, than one with more. Ease of operation, quality of optics and light sensor, and perhaps battery life might be the considerations (in addition to handheld comfort). My previous Canon A1200 couldn't shoot RAW, but it cost much less than my newer S100, and I can't tell the difference in JPEG.

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