What to do about Raw files from Olympus EM5?

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Re: What to do about Raw files from Olympus EM5?

rrr_hhh wrote:

MichaelRose wrote:

My advise is to upgrade your LR 3.6 to 4.1 for ~$80-- that will do several things for you: The LR 4.1 upgrade will allow you to
1) process RAW (.orf) files from your OM-D E-M5 in LR 4.1's Develop Module and
2) process RAW (.orf) files from your OM-D E-M5 in CS5's Photoshop ACR Module .

[LR's Develop Module and Photoshop's ACR Module are the same thing except for the placement of the controls and color of their backgrounds!]

Its a popular miconception, but there's absolutely nothing 'magic' about processing RAW files in Photoshop's ACR Module -- LR's Develop Module does exactly the same things, only with an easier to use interface.

You won't get access to ACR7 in CS5 if you don't upgrade to CS6, but only to ACR6.7; this means that you will only have access to process 2010 in CS5, not to process version 2012 and all the nice new way to handle dynamic range.

Yes, in Photoshop CS5 you will only have access to ACR 6.7...

When you choose to edit your raw developped picture in CS5, you will see a dialogue asking whether you want to return to process 2010 or to work on a tiff copy. This means that you can't pass an LR4.1 developed picture, make modifications in CS5 without rendering the picture to Tif first.

I thought the fact that ACR 7.1 RAW processing compatible with E-M5 is in LR 4.1, that's why I suggested buying it for $80-- why even mention RAW processing in CS5?

I should have mentioned that in LR 4.1 the Basic Processing was upgraded from PV 2010 to PV 2012 , this makes a huge difference in how the controls operate and the quality of images!

You can do what I always do and Edit a copy of the RAW file as a PSD file with the LR changes in Photoshop ( Command/Ctrl + E ) or as a Smart Object ( Right Mouse >   Edit In >   Open as Smart Object in Photoshop ).

This means that you can't work seamlessly going from LR4.1 to CS5 back and forth.

Opening a PSD file or Smart Object (a glorified PSD with History) from LR certainly allows you to take your content (RAW file in LR) into Photoshop CS5 to make Photoshop-type changes to it, then seamlessly return your changed content in a PSD or JPG file to LR. (You don't need ACR 7.1 RAW capability for that!)

There is a work around however if you use Jeffrey Friedl layers plugins (I think that then the raw picture is opened as a smart object in CS5).

I'm not familiar with the need to use any work around , my work flow is described above

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