OM-D + 12-50 kit: confident to use in all weather

Started Jul 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mike_PEAT Forum Pro • Posts: 13,306
You must be new to Olympus weather sealed equipment!

RonFrank wrote:

Cameras are Not waterproof so keep your gear dry whenever possible.


I knew an Oly rep who put an E-1 in the shower, and then shoot an F-1 race.

I know someone who shoots motorcycle races in every weather condition, when the N and C weather sealed shooters are putting their cameras away, or covering them in plastic.

I once saw an E-3 with a 12-60mm dunked into an aquarium by an Oly rep, and they just kept on shooting.

I have no fear of shooting in the rain:

BUT i wouldn't be so stupid to put my camera equipment on my house insurance...that's supposed to be for tens of thousands in property damage like fire or a foundation issue, or somebody trips on your property and sues you, not for some inexpensive camera equipment!

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