Outrage Over The Photographs Of The United States Olympic Team

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Re: Outrage Over The Photographs Of The United States Olympic Team

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Surely appreciation of any art form is subjective. They don't do much for me but neither do lots of other pictures posted on these forums that other people think are wonderful.. There is no right or wrong.

I don't buy into the whole "art is subjective, so it can't be bad" thing. Artistic vision is one thing, poor technique is another. Cassidy Krug having shadows over her face is distracting, not artistic. I doubt Klamar's employer is happy with this work, and if he was trying to please them, he failed.

However, this guy is a decorated photojournalist. You can judge him on just his Olympic photos, but we get a much better idea of his skills by looking at some of his other work. He takes good candid and action shots, but I can't find any other studio stuff. Maybe he's never done studio before, and approached it like documentary photojournalism. He showed the reality of the situation, not the controlled fiction of a normal studio session.

I don't like the photos much either, but let's not crucify the guy. I think he was the wrong guy for the job, but I bet a lot of the "photographers" criticizing him couldn't get a job working for Getty with their D3200.

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