That 14-150mm Olympus isn't too bad

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Re: I just don't understand this.....

tedolf wrote:

Then why did you buy an interchangeable lens camera?

Why wouldn't you want to change lenses?

Sometimes a guy just wants to leave his home with a camera slung around his neck, and not have to bring a backpack or shoulder bag stuffed with a lens for every situation.

For instance, I purchased the Olympus 18-180 for my E-510. I already had most of that range covered with just the kit lenses, but the 18-180 gave me one lens that did most everything for those times I just didn't or couldn't carry a bunch of kit with me. It gave me one lens to use when I knew ahead of time I would need to shoot both near and far, and I didn't want to switch lenses 57 times before noon.

Unzip bag, take off lens, put on lens cap, put lens in bag, grab other lens, put other lens on camera, remove lens cap....sometimes you need to avoid all that futzing around with glass so you can enjoy the day.

By the way, compared to most Olympus glass the 18-180 blows goats. Its slow, and optically only as good as a Canikon kit lens. How they put up with those things I'll never know.

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