Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: Is it safe to by an S100?

I cannot offer you a direct camera comparison (I have the S100, but I shoot RAW).

Things to consider:

1. You do not need RAW capability unless you intend to use computer graphics programs to process the image. In the case of your mom (or maybe even yourself), do not pay more money to get RAW capability.

2. For older persons, how the camera fits in the hand can be the determining factor. The older we get, the more difficult it is to hold the camera, touch the buttons without fumbling, and so forth. If you are 10 and your mom is 30, that shouldn't matter. But if you are 30 and your mom is 60, it might matter. If your mom isn't picking the camera herself by test-drive, then do this: put on light gloves (such as the latex or plastic things that food handlers use) and see if you can comfortably operate the camera.

3. If you are buying a new (under warranty) camera, then at worst case, you can ask for a warranty fix. But if you are buying a used camera, then any problems might be in that particular camera. I have had no problem with my S100, but who knows?

4. Your mom might prefer a camera with FEWER features, than one with more. Ease of operation, quality of optics and light sensor, and perhaps battery life might be the considerations (in addition to handheld comfort). My previous Canon A1200 couldn't shoot RAW, but it cost much less than my newer S100, and I can't tell the difference in JPEG.

5. If your mom is seriously into photography (the technical aspects) then just buy her a birthday card and $10 worth of flowers, and let her buy her own camera.

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