Nikon J1 or V1 as travel camera

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Re: Marti is spot on with his assessment, Goes for V1 also

next to my D700 D300's Canon S95 S100.

and i love it, i got the 10-30 and the 30-110 lenses.

i specialy bought it for the blazing fast AF and size, i have been sceptic when it came out, but now after using it for sometime i'm a very happy owner of it.

i was fully aware of the limitations of the system but it serves perfectly well for the intended use.

no camera is perfect in every aspec

Must agree in my opinion Marti is spot on with the above assessment, I went back to Nikon three years ago with D700 and the V1 is a perfect companion to any Nikon DSLR. Easy to switch between the two due to the similar menus and terminology, loving it.

I see a few people complain about them droping into a slow shutter speed on auto but I find it simple to switch to shutter priority mode and select the speed I need, The lens seem excellent even at wide aperture so I dont see it as aproblem.

John B

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