is it possible to simulate F1.8 with CS6 Iris blur

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Re: You can come close using a gradient mask. Here is how.

Steve Bingham wrote:

Perhaps if you use two gradient masks (ones that fades at both ends but masks the center) it would work better. Make one vertical and mask out the point of focus. Then make a horizontal one and do the same. Combining the results would show gradual focus loss much like a camera lens. No? Note that these gradient choices are available. In any case, you are sure learning a lot!
Steve Bingham

Steve, your last line is somewhat a summary of "or a short story" of my entire life.

I started in Photography in 1954 with my first B/W Darkroom setup and have continued through the years with one VERY enjoyable venture of always Learning something new or different methods for those already in use. Many Phases including fully equipped B/W and Color Darkrooms and Processing as well as the many excellent Film Cameras and Equipment. etc, etc, etc.... I must emphasize that I am enjoying the Digital methods more than the Film/Slides and Darkroom Processing.
Being retired now, I continue to enjoy Photography as my most cherished Hobby.

My many and Varied Photo Assignments and ventures over the many years was truly enjoyable. Some mention that Weddings are one of their seeming "most feared" subjects for Photographers. Certainly "Most Feared" may not be the proper nomenclature or description but serves to segregate form other Photo assignments.

In fact, for me; Weddings were one of my Most Enjoyed types of Photography. I always had either double (or triple) backup of all equipment and devices. Thankfully, only one time in all the years did I have a Camera Failure that required me to quickly switch to another and (believe it or not) without even one (other) person knowing what happened or the switch.

When I decided to make a Career in Computer Systems Design and Management and give up (stop) my Commercial Photography; -- my most difficult tasks was explaining to those that continued to call for my Photography services even after 10 years.
I expect to continue to learn throughout my remaining "Senior" Years

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