A vey simple question about the XPro-1

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Re: Who cares??

I don't think manual focussing is a nightmare at all. With Fuji lenses, you hit the AF button, it focusses very quickly, then you make fine focus changes with the focus ring. The exception to this would be with the 60 in macro mode. For that, I use the AF to get me to 30 inches are so, then it isn't too bad with the ring.

For my Leitz and Zeiss lenses, especially after the latest firmware update, the EVF contrast is sharp enough that I usually don' even need to go into "zoom" more. Pretty much as fast as any MF camera.

The one problem with the system, iIMO, is if you are shooting low light and trying to manual focus. The EVF has too much of a lag to be all that useful. When I'm shooting a musical show, my favorite lens is the Zeiss 85 1.4 planar. At 1.4, there isn't much DOF, unless you're back about 30 feet or so, I have been able to use the EVF to focus and switch to the OVF to capture the right expressions with a pretty good success rate. Also, since 3200 is so clean, I can generally be stopped down a good bit, which helps. But in this situation, a DSLR is really a better camera.

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