XP1 burst mode focus question and some recent pics

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XP1 burst mode focus question and some recent pics

The burst mode on the XP1 of 6 frames/second is great, but it seems to hold the same focus as the first shot, which means that all others are grossly out of focus as the subject (in my case a running dog) moves. That's a BIG problem for using the XP1 as a field camera. Any cures to that?

Here some pics from the past week or so:

To be able to run the dogs hard so they (and the Old Man) can get real exercise in the hot humid summer, I must keep them wet. The Tulpehocken Creek (the Tully to locals) is a well-known limestone trout stream - fly fishermen come here from all over. For a little variety, we ran the Tully while I had a nurse to care for my wife on Friday.

The Chaser looking down the Tully in the "Special Regulations" area - dry flies with barbless hooks only. Fish were jumping everywhere!

My very special Maggie swimming in the Tully. She's 100% recovered from her cancer surgery and the vet has given her a clean bill of health. Maybe I'm being hopelessly optimistic, but I'm thinking that she will be able to take to the field this fall for an astounding 14th season, starting in two months.

Chase "fishing" in the strong current of the Tully:

An old covered bridge over the creek (second pic is HDR):

Maggie (soggy from swimming) making hay while the (VERY hot) sun shines.

Bird food:

The dogs playing in a shallow ford over the creek at the family farm on a 97 degree day:

Maggie, you stay outta the &^%$# liquid manure! Sure thing, Boss, got it covered - you can count on me!

Lair of the ringneck pheasant in the summertime. Four more months until we can start chasing him again.

This boggy area is a great woodcock spot when the flights are in - looks much different in the fall:

A patch of ubiquitous tiger lilies deep in the forest:

A cool looking swampy pond in the woods. Some woodies (wood ducks) were resident.

It's been stinkin' hot - water in the little mountain brook on our property is low - and the little falls that was thundering in the spring is just a dribble now:

Part of our brook has become a nursery. I'll keep the dogs away until the babies are big enough to fly well.

Still not quite done with firewood - sigh. This is not the time of year to be working on that, especially working the 12 pound sledge, but I do NOT want to be stuck with that work during the season, so I'm chippping away at it in the heat:

The Chaser up at our favorite little mountain lake near our house - a place where we can run hard but stay wet and cool:

Thanks for looking! Any help you can give me with the burst mode focus issue will be MUCH appreciated - basically determines whether I'll be able to use the XP1 as a field camera.

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