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Re: This Is By Far Not The First BSI Sensored Camera and the IQ Advantage

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If BSI scales well to larger sensor (too expensive of technology right now) the performance gap between smaller BSI sensors and larger FSI sensors will narrow. If a BSI 4/3 sensor performs as well as a traditional APS-C sensor, it could hurt sales of APS-C. The only issue I see now is there is a cost trade off. If the BSI 4/3 sensor costs more than a traditional APS-C sensor, it makes more sense to use the larger traditional sensor.

Sorry, SLove was right and you're wrong about BSI technology. The fact is that it doesn't and can't scale to larger sensors. What BSI sensors offer is only greater utilization of the sensor's surface area, because the parts that block light (the wiring), preventing photons from being captured by the photosites are moved to the opposite side of the sensor. The area recaptured is primarily a function of the number of megapixels, proportional to the length or width of the sensor, not the area (length times width). The percentage of the sensor area that BSI recovers gets smaller and smaller as the sensor gets larger and larger. The Q may greatly outperform other, larger sensors, but it's mainly due to improvements other than BSI. For Samsung's sensors to do much better, Samsung would have to improve the tech. used by its sensors (including using extremely low noise circuits) and learn how to produce better JPEGs. That's a lot more difficult than simply creating smaller, compressed RAW files, and Samsung hasn't yet managed to do even that very well.

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