5DIII+24mmL+135mmL for wedding : seems good ! (and a question)

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5DIII+24mmL+135mmL for wedding : seems good ! (and a question)

New test for my 5DIII, a wedding (as a "side" photographer, not the official one), after another session for the "sport" side (see my post : http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1032&message=41775231 )

I decided to travel "light". Just two lenses, my brand new 24mm F1.4 L & 135mm F2. I used to shoot similar subjects with a very different set : 7D + 10-22mm + 85mm F1.8. I had a 24mm before, the Sigma F1.8, which can be very sharp (mine was); but the focus was too unreliable, so I decided to bet on Canon this time, even if the price is not the same...

I don't think I need to dissert much about the 135mm. Everybody knows it's a killer. Indeed, it's working as expected: it's super fast to focus, it's very sharp, it's almost without any flaw (vignetting wide open is really light, almost no CA, sharp wide open...). it works perfectly on the 5DIII, and I used different focus points without any particular problem. This is a gem.

The 24mm is a more difficult lens. First because it's quite wide. It was really hard to decide between the 35mm F1.4 and this lens. As I shot a lot of photos with my 10-22mm, I decided to choose the widest lens. I didn't really enjoy my Sigma 24mm, even if it was super sharp in the center. It was severely front focusing, and even after micro adjusting it, it would miss the focus completely from time to time. The Canon version is more reliable for sure, but sometimes, it still misses, especially if you shoot wide open. It will then front focus a lot. I tried to micro adjust it, but it's focusing quite fine on almost all shots. It's just that sometimes, it's missing the target. Did anyone else have the same problem with this lens (or other fast wide angle primes ?).

However, I will keep the lens. It's not failing often. And most of the time, I don't need to shoot wide open. And to have the wide angle and the "isolation" feature in one lens makes it a very very special combo. It was not able to separate the subject from the background like that with my 10-22mm. Sure, it's really wide, you can't shoot close up with this lens. But I still plan to use it for portraits (see examples below, I like them, maybe it won't be everyone's taste though, comments are welcome...). So i'm not having any regrets not to have chosen the 35mm F1.4.

Then about the body, the mark III is really such a nice tool to use ! The silent mode is great for a wedding, as expected. The AF is better than my 7D, it worked very well even in crap conditions. The post process was a pleasure, it was much faster than on my 7D. I shoot at very high iso. I don't mind having some grain, the content is more important for me than to have some noise. The 5DIII is a great camera to do that : it focuses fast, it can shoot in low light, it's more than sharp enough for my needs. It's surely expensive, but after those two sessions (sport & wedding), it covers my needs. So it's quite a relief

Now a question : I will shoot in wedding in late July. I plan to use my 85mm or 135mm on one body, and this 24mm on the other one. Bodies will be 5DIII & 5DII. I was planning to use the long lenses on the 5DIII (as it's a bit better in high ISO), but is the 5DII focusing well with the 24mm ? After having those problems of mis focus with this lens, I'm now not so sure... Maybe it's better to keep the 5DIII for the 24mm ? Any feedback would be welcome !

Now, some samples, all shot with the 24mm :

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Canon EOS 5D Mark III Canon EOS 7D
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