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3 bunches of flowers

agray88 wrote:

I took the following with either the kit 12-50 mm or the 45/1.8. I'm still experimenting with macro photography so all criticism is welcome.

335 is my favorite: it has a striking arrangement of the flowers, and a pleasant background. The shape of the flower bunch seems non-standard, and in this case, that works to make to result more interesting. Also, the flowers fill the frame enough to put the focus on them. I don’t think the subject always needs to be full-frame, but it definitely works in this case. There is enough background to be an element of the pic, and it works pleasantly. I could debate either way about the roughness of the other flower-head in the left edge. It is either a slight distraction, or a nice repetition of the main subject.

In the case of 335 and 333, there is a lot more background in the frame, and it half works for me. It gives context to the flowers, but in the end I find it more extraneous than helpful. With 333 entire pic has a lot of long straight lines, both in the subject flowers and the background. That gives it a united feel, but I don’t really like that feel. It feels too angular and busy.

As to the genre, you are shooting a style which I enjoy. I might call it flower-scale close-up. It isolates specific elements which are within my normal vision. As you have heard, there is another genre of “macro” which does greater magnification. That has its own beauty. But I delight in the scale you are shooting at.

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