EX2 has been announced

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Re: EX2 has been announced

viking79 wrote:

ET2 wrote:

viking79 wrote:

The Q is 1/2.33" BSI sensor and out performs every 1/1.7" FSI sensor by at least half a stop.

What sensor does Q outperform? It's doesn't out perform any larger Sony sensor. It outperforms the Canon'a sensor in G10

But how does that prove anything? The Sony's 16 MP sensor outperform Canon's APSC sensor too, despite having no BSI and equal size..

Go look at DXO Mark. It performs similar to Sony 2/3 sensor in the Fuji X10 and S1.

WTF? No Sony sensor has "Orb" issues like X10

Who told you X10 had a Sony sensor?

Post proof for that claim

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