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Re: i Own And Love My TL500...But We Are Getting More Than A Bit Delusional If We Bel

viking79 wrote:

jimr wrote:

You miss my point.
I am not comparing it to my TL500 sensor.

BSI has been around for awhile and is not the magic to make the small sensor perform as well as a new up to date larger sensor.

A new up to date larger sensor will be a BSI sensor in the future, most likely.

This is not true, dude and I told you this several times.

Larger sensor doesn't benefit from BSI. I didn't make up this fact. This comes from imaging-resource.com Sony interview at PMA 2010


R: Sony is not only a manufacturer of cameras but also a major image sensor company, and last year your back-illuminated sensors were a significant advance for high ISO with cameras. A few questions about sensors: Can the back-illuminated technology be scaled up to larger chip sizes, like SLR size chips, or are there issues with the support of the chip, or other problems that would prevent scaling it to that size?

Imamura: That's a pretty detailed technical question, but as you may know, back-illuminated technology was developed because of the very small pixel sizes. It's because on the surface of the sensor, a lot of the area is occupied by the interconnect, so the [light-sensitive] area gets very small. This made the engineers think: "How can we make it different, so we can get more area?" In the case of the APS-C or larger imaging sensor, the ratio between the area of the sensor and the peripheral circuits; the light-sensitive part already has a bigger area. So if we made it back-illuminated, there wouldn't be as much advantage as with a smaller sensor.

[Editorial note from Dave: This is a significant point: Back-illuminated technology won't bring nearly as much benefit to APS-C size pixels as it does to the tiny ones in digicams, because the larger APS-C pixels lose a smaller percentage of potential light-sensitive area to interconnects and peripheral circuitry. Disappointing to hear, but obvious when one thinks about it.]

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