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EVF Stutter

Guys I noticed the other night that my X100 EVF stutters on half press but my E-P2 doesn't. Its a real pain when panning or trying to shot something moving with the EVF. The thing is I discovered it isn't anything to do with AF, the X100 does exactly the same in MF. Also for the most part my E-P2 is actually slower to focus than the X100. Does the X pro act in the same way? It seems as if the metering is slow and the camera stops feeding the EVF for a very long time when acquiring/locking exposure. Comparing the X100 EVF to the evf2 on my E-P2 its the one thing that kills the Fuji EVF experience as otherwise there is very little difference between the two. I understand the EVF in the X pro is a bit better than in the X100? Fuji really need to fix this flaw if the cameras are ever going to be used outside of normal OVF friendly focal lengths.

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