Twin SLR?

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Re: Twin SLR?

Knallberto wrote:

All DIY?
What's the sense of this third lense?

Yes all this are DIY versions, I started the first 2D version in 2004.

The third lens, a AF50/1.8, is the detector lens for the IR reflected signals. On this lens, at 46mm distance, I have a photodiode (BPW41N). This photodiode capture the IR laser reflected signal from an object in focus ( via an extra small frontside mirror after the beamsplitter mirror) en give a trigger signal to the central controller system to activate the cameras and flashes. Power control of the flashes are done also in the central controller and can be set central via the LCD front panel and buttons in 1/3 stop increments. Left and right side can also be set an offset value if necessary.

There are also 2 green lasers, but only for me to point easy the system direction insects or flowers as I can not see IR lasers (980 nm) signals.

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