The 35mm f1.4G and a filter: A cautionary tale

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Marc S
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Re: let me recap ...

harold1968 wrote:

joejack951 wrote:

Nikon can always replace the front element if it gets scratched. It can go down as the cost of doing business (no, I'm not a professional).

not sure they can do this
If you did I presume it would be more then half the cost of a new lens

More like 70 bucks for the part + 50 bucks for the work.

any experience of nikon doing drastic repairs like this ?

Replacing the front element is no 'drastic repair'! You may even do it yourself.

2 years ago Nikon changed the three rear lens elements and complete focussing mechanic of my AF 28/1.4D + recalibrating the lens (€450 parts, €170 work, €120tax). One of this lens elements was the famous 'hand polished' aspherical element.

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