Another EM-5 vs DSLR thread (what would you do?)

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Re: Another EM-5 vs DSLR thread (what would you do?)

Hi Roy,

it's very helpful for me to read your experience. If you think about it, many magnum photographers of the past (and some of the present time) don't use big SLR and spoke/speak of them as scary dinosaurs.

As far as raw converter qualit, I'd be curious to compare both outputs in acr - I don't know if Nikon still encripts wb info, though, the d70 files can't be well interpreted by acr.

After all, for me also is true that most of my photography is done for my own enjoyment and this makes your reply spot on. If I take the mirrorless route, I see myself bringing the old d70 along just for the looks - maybe with a compatible grip to beef it up

or, I might buy a used d700/d600 later on to get the best of both worlds...


SeeRoy wrote:

I have had a D700 and a very good set of lenses since the camera was released. It's a wonderful photographic tool that's hard to fault. If someone's paying me and/or I don't have to carry the kit very far it's unbeatable (well, I'd like a D800, but...) Given that most of my photography is done for my own enjoyment the problem - and it's a very real one - is that FF DSLR systems are absurdly heavy and horribly conspicuous: in fact I would say that they're bloated dinosaurs on the verge of extinction.

A few weeks ago I bought an OM-D. With the kit lens or the two primes I currently have, it accompanies me almost everywhere. I did a couple of informal tests against my D700, using a 24-70 2.8 at equivalent lengths and was astonished how good the OM-D's performance was. I'm currently using Olympus Viewer to convert the RAWs and it compares very unfavourably with Nikon CNX2 but you can still get excellent results.

If I had an obligation to shoot predominantly available light in dimly lit environments I'd use the D700. Otherwise I can easily see myself almost abandoning it except for one context where I definitely need it for commercial reasons.

Given the brilliant range of lenses already available for MFT - a format I'd totally discounted until I tried the OM-D - and the lenses that are scheduled to appear soon, it's a compelling choice. And of course if the OM-D is this good, those lenses are likely even better on subsequent high-end MFT bodies.

As for street photography I can't imagine why, given the choice and bearing in mind the available darkness issue (and maybe not even then...) I wouldn't buy the OM-D in preference to the D700. The articulated screen alone makes it a better choice than the D700 for this application. The DOF issue, unless this becomes the obsession that it often appears to be, is a minor consideration IMO, providing you own and use the optimum lenses for the task in hand. There are sports af issues too, and no doubt a host of other ifs and buts, however I'd say buy an OM-D

Personal opinion only.

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