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I didn't say it will be 'better', I said I personally like fixed aperture. I like it b/c of the consistency of speed throughout the range, and IMO and my experience, a fixed aperture zoom is usually designed and constructed with better care. That doesn't mean a variable can't be as good as a fixed, but I generally haven't seen it. Also, those stops count, and especially at those longer ends.

I agree about the range in aperture of the Fuji compared to 4-5.6. the original roadmap suggested the tele-zoom would be a fixed f/4, and I'm simply opining that I would have preferred that over variable. Like i said, I do imagine the variable will allow them to make a smaller lens, and I had my doubt about how well the f/4 would have matched with the body of the XP1.

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RealXenuis wrote:

How large is the Canon? Also, I'd personally prefer a fixed aperture. But I will say, my Tamron 70-300 was an excellent lens (though very, very big).I guess by varying the A, they can keep it smaller. I'd still give up a little size to get a fixed f/4.

Just out of curiosity, why would a fixed f/4 be that much better than the stated variable f/3.5-4.8 that the upcoming Fuji 55-200 mm lens is supposed to be? That's only about 1/2 stop on either side of f/4, which is probably a better situation than the similar f/4-5.6 55-200 mm telezooms that other companies have.

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