Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

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Re: I lved those lenses

cyainparadise wrote:

WaltKnapp wrote:

I'd throw in the 12.5mm and 25mm Bellows Micro Lenses (high magnification macro) But few will have the opportunity to use these.

I guess I'm one of the lucky few who got to use those lenses. When I was a rep for Minolta, we had a sample case of just about every lens to try out. When the rep above me left, the case was put in my possession, so I could use them when ever I wanted.

I produced a bunch of shots with my then new RD175 which Minolta asked if they could use. They had not thought of photomicrographs and so on and I was routinely using the RD175 for a variety of such things in my scientific photography. I said they could use them but my price was finding those two lenses for me to buy. The rep searched all through Minolta trying to find them. They were not on the computer inventory anywhere. Then he happened to mention to one of the warehouse people what he was looking for. The warehouse guy showed him where they were, several of each brand new. The problem was when they had computerized the inventory those lenses did not get into the computer.

I bought two of each before letting word out about this windfall. And almost instantly all that were left were bought out. Always have wondered what else was lost in the warehouse

I've got the Tamron A mount AF 300mm f2.8 that was nearly a one off. It too came from a rep's samples. I'd have loved to pick through that case you had.

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