Which kit/pancake lens for OMD E-5?

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Re: Which kit/pancake lens for OMD E-5?

jtan163 wrote:

Can you tell me what the problem was with the 12-50 for you?

My copy, compared to the 14-45 I own, was noticeably soft. I suspect I have got a very "centered" copy of the 14-45, which undoubtedly is an extraordinary standard zoom. It's been replaced by the 14-42, probably, because of high production costs.

Also, it's possible I got a bad copy of the 12-50. I didn't investigate further cause I already got what I need/like. I have seen very good photos around, and reviews are not unanimous.

Pancake-wise, the 14mm is a very good cheap lens. I mean you should look for a disassembled kit or used one, cause it's not worth its official price, at least here in Europe. If I had to pay full price, I'd save for the Oly 12mm.


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