7d First Shots - Advice on Focusing settings for fast moving!

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Re: 7d First Shots - Advice on Focusing settings for fast moving!

GammyKnee wrote:

If you were using the single central point (not zone), then what part of the train was under the focus point as you tracked and took your shots?

I'm asking this because if your shots aren't heavily cropped then the centre point would surely land somewhere in the middle of the engine, which on the first shot at least looks like the sweet spot sharpness-wise?

If so, and if it's the engine ID plates that you want sharp, then I'd have though that one of the left outer points might have served you better for a shot like this?

ahhhh yes, that has given me something to think about....The shots are not cropped at all, and I did use the single central point. I tracked the train as it approached me, then as it was 'framed' I fired a burst of shots. The middle of the engine would be where the point focused.

If I used one of the left outer points, how would that have worked when I was tracking the train.....ie as it approached me it was head-on.

Thanks for the info and sorry about all the questions, I am just learning the focusing system with this camera. I travel a great distance to take some of these shots and really need them to be all keepers haha. On the whole, for a first attempt I am happy with the two above, just interested in knowing how to make them better next time!

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