Another EM-5 vs DSLR thread (what would you do?)

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Re: Another EM-5 vs DSLR thread (what would you do?)

I have had a D700 and a very good set of lenses since the camera was released. It's a wonderful photographic tool that's hard to fault. If someone's paying me and/or I don't have to carry the kit very far it's unbeatable (well, I'd like a D800, but...) Given that most of my photography is done for my own enjoyment the problem - and it's a very real one - is that FF DSLR systems are absurdly heavy and horribly conspicuous: in fact I would say that they're bloated dinosaurs on the verge of extinction.

A few weeks ago I bought an OM-D. With the kit lens or the two primes I currently have, it accompanies me almost everywhere. I did a couple of informal tests against my D700, using a 24-70 2.8 at equivalent lengths and was astonished how good the OM-D's performance was. I'm currently using Olympus Viewer to convert the RAWs and it compares very unfavourably with Nikon CNX2 but you can still get excellent results.

If I had an obligation to shoot predominantly available light in dimly lit environments I'd use the D700. Otherwise I can easily see myself almost abandoning it except for one context where I definitely need it for commercial reasons.

Given the brilliant range of lenses already available for MFT - a format I'd totally discounted until I tried the OM-D - and the lenses that are scheduled to appear soon, it's a compelling choice. And of course if the OM-D is this good, those lenses are likely even better on subsequent high-end MFT bodies.

As for street photography I can't imagine why, given the choice and bearing in mind the available darkness issue (and maybe not even then...) I wouldn't buy the OM-D in preference to the D700. The articulated screen alone makes it a better choice than the D700 for this application. The DOF issue, unless this becomes the obsession that it often appears to be, is a minor consideration IMO, providing you own and use the optimum lenses for the task in hand. There are sports af issues too, and no doubt a host of other ifs and buts, however I'd say buy an OM-D

Personal opinion only.

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