Good news for those who stuck with Olympus!

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Good news for those who stuck with Olympus!

Well, I can't believe it: right after leaving Olympus as a five years user of their SHG glass, for a Pentax K5, because I just had tired of the sensor limitations imposed on Olympus Dslr cameras by their tie to Panasonic and the seeming refusal of Panasonic to produce a decent professional level sensor for Olympus, now comes this news:
Sony made the OM-D sensor.

I don't doubt the truth of this news to be honest: in reviews I read about the "film-like" quality of the OM-D files, and I found myself thinking: sounds rather like what I see in the Pentax files.

Sony is far, far ahead of Panasonic, and although it tastes rather bitter to hear this news now that I've sold my SHG lenses, I still applaud Olympus' decision.

I've spent the last years of using Olympus thinking how the SHG lenses deserve a better camera than the one(s) Olympus was making, and now it finally looks like these superb lenses are going to find a worthy camera to mount them on.

I hope, now knowing as a Pentax user how splendidly good the latest Sony sensors are, for all SHG owners that Olympus will now stick with Sony and release an E7 with the Sony sensor.

Honestly, I would not have dreamt selling my SHG lenses if I had known this six months ago.

Pentax lenses are no match for the SHG lenses, not even the primes, sorry Pentax.

I've eventually settled with four splendid (manual focus) Carl Zeiss prime-lenses made for Pentax. These have been discontinued in 2010, but limited stock is still available for order.

It would be interesting to compare my former SHG lenses (14-35, 35-100) on a new Sony/Olympus E7, with the Carl Zeiss lenses (25mm2.8, 35mm2, 50mm2, 85mm1.4) on my Pentax K5. IQ wise that is, because shooting with manual primes is quite a bit slooower.

The Carl Zeiss lenses are superb just as the SHG zuikos, the build quality is certainly on par, and so is the sharpness and clarity. I would give the edge to the Zeiss lenses for the intense but true to live colors, but the SHG are autofocus and zoom.

Anyway: all those that stuck with Olympus: good luck on getting that E7!

Considering Panasonic, and not wanting to solely bash them: they should be ok making sensors for the mid-level cameras, and they are putting some weight into making good lenses for m4/3. But I will always feel that they were properly sub-standard for the Olympus flagship camera.


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