K5 or Sony Nex7?

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Re: K5 or Sony Nex7?

Hi there

I have a Nex 7 and am considering getting a K5! I come from many years (d)slr shooting (both film and digital) and got the Nex around February time. I have to say I both love and hate it. OK, maybe hate's too strong a word but it does frustrate me terrifically.

When the Nex is good, it's very, very good. The 24mp files are great to work on, allow terrific amounts of cropping and contain great detail. So what's my problem?

Three things really:

(1) the speed and in-accuracy of the CDAF system. CDAF was never going to be as fast as PDAF (I accept that) but I have been very disappointed with the number of shots that are not critically sharp. My understanding of the way it works is that the focusing looks for areas of highest contrast to alter focus and unfortunately looks over a wider area than actually shown in the viewfinder. It may therefore focus on something other than intended. I have improved the number of keepers by using spot-focus but it is an issue. In fairness, the peaking function makes the Nex system the very best for manual focus but that's not what I want.

(2) Dust on the sensor. This is an issue with all mirrorless cameras but I never thought it would be this bad. My previous camera was a Nikon D90 and I never once had a problem. I only change lenses indoors, always hold the camera pointing downwards and have to now take the Nex in for the second time for professional cleaning as it has built up again to such an extent that it's noticeable on every shot at almost every aperture.

(3) I should be grateful for 24mp and as I said above, it's great for creative cropping. But I honestly think 24mp is too much unless one has superb technique and/or wants to use a tripod all the time (I don't). The Nex also struggles with noise because it crams too many pixels (IMHO) onto an aps-c sensor. I know "too much" is subjective but I honestly think that around 16-18mp on aps-c is the ideal compromise.

I'm keeping the Nex for a while but am likely to order a K5 later this week. Why not go back to Nikon? Well, I want a professional quality body with light weight (hence the Nex in terms of size and weight), weather sealing, and great lenses. Yes, Nikon has excellent lenses but not, in my view, such a good range for aps-c bodies.

Every camera has good points and shortcomings so it always a personal choice. I thought the Nex 7 was the camera I'd been waiting for but its shortcomings are making me wonder. Your choice at the end of the day and maybe these thoughts might help.



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