Fuji Velvia 50 colors vs. NEX-7

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Fuji Velvia 50 colors vs. NEX-7

On my big road trip, I brought along my old Nikon body, loaded with Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. Kind of a redneck full-frame.

Folks rave about the colors you get with this film and I can see what they're talking about. Here are some direct comparisons (Velvia 50, followed by the NEX-7 shot)

The NEX greens seem brighter. Otherwise, the Velvia seems a bit exaggerated - it really brings rocks and dry grass alive. Great effect on those Southwest landscapes! The sky comes out vivid, if a tad artificial.

At Brice National Park the NEX images seem bland by comparison. Makes me want to look for a better RAW converter. Or see what that DxO "filmpack" program can do.

The slide film definitely did better at Kodachrome State Park. Maybe they should rename it: Velvia State Park:

I actually boosted the saturation on the above NEX capture and it still isn't anywhere close to the Velvia.

The NEX colors seem more neutral - like the scene actually was. I'd say the NEX does better for this scene:

I didn't have time to shoot a test roll of the film before my trip. My rough method of using the NEX settings plus one stop yielded mostly underexposed results. This film seems to be pretty unforgiving of that - those shadows are really gone...

The NEX definitely has much more dynamic range. (No HDR - that's a RAW capture with the exposure lowered to match the Velvia scan. And the shadow detail is still much, much better.)

These samples are all super low-res because my flatbed scanner did not even come close to capturing the full detail of the slides. My comparison of detail rendering will have to wait until I can access a decent film scanner.

I'm excited by some of the results with the slide film. Looks like the old Nikon body isn't going back out to pasture, just yet. But neither is the Sony. If I'd used just film for all the frames I'd popped on this trip, I would have spent over $200. At that rate, my NEX-7 body will pay for itself this year. When I don't want to exaggerate hues in bare rock against a candy sky, I like the NEX colors just fine. (Matter of fact, for all the cataloging I do, neutral is better!)

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